Forget video chat: The front camera on my smartphone is a mirror

The growing number of handsets that have front-facing cameras may mean that another common device becomes less necessary — the mirror that many women carry around in their purses. After all, why pull out a compact when your smartphone can show you exactly what you look like.

Ambient video and the changing face of communication

Video is becoming more of a casual form of communication, with people leaving video chat services like OoVoo on in the background for hours on end. Video sharing is becoming more immediate with more live broadcasting of your life.

Oovoo gives Facebook users their own Google Hangouts

Oovoo, the video conferencing service popular with the young set, is helping Facebook get some Google Hangout-like coolness with a new Facebook app that offers 12-person video chats. The Facebook app is part of an overhaul for Oovoo’s product line-up including a redesigned iPad app.

ooVoo Releases Multiuser Video Chat App for the iPhone

Video chat provider ooVoo has just released an iPhone app, allowing users to leverage multiplatform video chat on their Apple devices. By doing so, iPhone and iPod touch users can launch video chat sessions with up to five of their friends, wherever they are.

9 Great Alternatives to Skype for VoIP and Video Chat

While there’s probably no single provider that provides an exact like-for-like replacement for all of Skype’s features, there are plenty of companies offering great VoIP and video calling services; some of which are even better than Skype’s. Here is a list of my favorites:

ooVoo Takes Multi-user Mobile Video Chat Into the Cloud

A new mobile application from video chat startup ooVoo takes video quality to the next level, posing a threat to existing apps like Qik, FaceTime and Tango. How? It offloads video processing into the cloud, lowering overhead on low-power devices like mobile phones.

Movie Clips on Skype? Sure, Why Not?

eBay and by proxy Skype wants to do just more than IM and voice chats. And that is why they’re pushing the service, and its clients, into new directions — from telepresence to video to whatever they can think of next. (My inner skeptic says they have to keep that user base growing in order to spin out or sell Skype.)

According to NewTeeVee, Skype today signed a new deal with San Francisco-based Jaman that “will let Skype users insert film clips into their conversations to share with friends. The new service will be available on Skype over the coming months.”

The way it’s supposed to work is this: Read More about Movie Clips on Skype? Sure, Why Not?