Facebook and Open Compute want a biodegradable server chassis

Does your data center compost? This question may become more relevant if an Open Compute Foundation project that’s sponsored by Facebook ends up a success. The goal is to build a biodegradable server chassis to replace existing steel enclosures.

New Open Rack spec shows how important two inches can be

New guidelines for the design of wider data center racks are available for discussion, according to the Open Compute Project. In theory, racks designed using the Open Rack 1.0 specification will allow more flexible, energy-efficient design of data center resources.

Joi Ito: Open-source hardware is a no brainer

The coming wave of open-source hardware, 3-D printing and other breakthroughs will open the floodgates to tech innovation, just as open-source software sparked the last tech boom by fueling the Google, Facebook software empires, said Joi Ito, director of MIT’s Media Lab.