Facebook store flops demand a shift in emphasis

Last week, a negative Bloomberg story about Facebook storefronts described how GameStop, Gap, J.C. Penney and Nordstrom had closed their Facebook stores. That doesn’t mean retailers should give up. Instead, they should put their Facebook stores in the hands of their marketing and promotions staff and prioritize marketing objectives over sales.

What’s Facebook mean for early developers? Huge traffic, apparently.

Facebook released some metrics around early partners for its app platform, showing how the apps affect their traffic. The results? Partners like Pinterest, Fab.com, Artfinder, Foodspotting and Foodily are seeing large increases in the number of users connecting to their sites.

Pinterest: signs of staying power

Will Pinterest be a fad that flashes and burns, as Turntable.fm shows signs of doing, or will it end up a midsize link sharer like Digg or Reddit? It is worth examining Pinterest’s growth, usage, influence and money-making potential for startup lessons and marketing opportunities.

Google +1, Facebook Likes & the Web Commerce Battle

Google launched the +1 button, a social signaling effort that at first blush seems to be all about publishers and page views. In reality it is about the future of web commerce, where Facebook is becoming even more influential, thanks to it’s near ubiquitous Like button.

Facebook’s Privacy Crisis Is Also Its Opportunity

Facebook is facing an unprecedented crisis as the company’s efforts to weave its social network technology throughout the web’s entire fabric has gone wrong, erupting into a privacy nightmare. But Facebook has an opportunity to emerge from the privacy brouhaha it started even stronger than before.