John Chambers on the future of Cisco

Cisco hit the skids 18 months ago which led to a restructuring that was completed in record time. Now Cisco is ready to roll again, and to celebrate, CEO John Chambers discussed the company’s future. Here are 3 key takeaways.

IBM launches beefy OpenFlow switch for data centers, cloud

IBM is the latest amongst a growing list of hardware makers to release networking gear based on the OpenFlow network protocol. A new 10 GigE switch is going to target cloud/ datacenter markets and compete aggressively with rivals that would include HP and Cisco.

OpenFlow in the real world: Carriers, clouds and more

The shift in networking and the hype around the OpenFlow protocol has led to a a lot of confusion and overinflation of what OpenFlow can do. To get a bit more grounded in reality, I spoke with NEC about what its customers are doing.

How Software Will Redefine Networking

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo and others have established Open Networking Foundation, an industry group that seeks to push the radical new Open Flow technology and the idea behind it, Software Defined Networking (SDN) in new directions. This push could have major ramifications for incumbent gearmakers.