Open Thread: Your Take on Apple TV, Roku & Boxee Box

Did Santa get you an Apple TV? Or maybe you fund a Roku under the tree, or you splurged an bought yourself a Boxee Box? Then let’s hear how you like it after using it for a few days. Fallen in love – or ready to return?

Open Thread: Netflix on the iPhone

Om loves Netflix on the iPhone, but others aren’t so sure about it, noting that there are too many bugs and quirks to make this a good experience. So what do you think: How do you like the app, and what do you use it for?

Open Thread: What Non-tech Tools Do You Use?

Here at WebWorkerDaily, we understandably spend rather a lot of our time talking about technology: The gadgets and software that enable web working. But what about the tools that many of us rely on every day that aren’t “tech”?

Open Thread: How’s Your Personal Tech Spending?

As the larger economic picture continues to look dismal, the reverberations are being felt within the tech sector. As our parent blog GigaOM reports, the venture capital firms are starting to get antsy about whether Silicon Valley can continue business as usual. Apple and other tech stocks are way down, and layoffs are showing up in the industry as well (though there are layoffs in good times too, depending on who you work for).

And yet, when we asked how the economy was treating you web workers personally, the majority of respondents didn’t report a slowdown. I’m seeing the same pattern in other communities I’m a part of – Rails developers, for example, still seem upbeat on the prospect of more work.

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Open Thread: How’s the Economy Treating You?

So how is all this playing out for you? Are you staying busy? Has the current economic news got you more worried than ever about your ability to continue as a web worker? Or have you found ways to turn the economic weakness to your advantage, by offering lower-cost services to your clients?

Open Thread: What do You Want from a Cell Phone?

There are plenty of manufacturers and carriers out there who will be happy to tell you what you want from a phone. To hear them tell it, if you’re not carrying a device with a camera, a touchscreen, an internet browser, GPS, Bluetooth, and a fancy colorful operating system, you might as well be carting around a tin can and a long piece of string.

With the recent upgrades to the iPhone, and the imminent release of the first Google “Android” phone, the hype machine surrounding these devices has been cranked up to higher levels than ever. But while I’m sure there are focus groups and test devices involved in the process, no one ever asked me what I wanted in my cell phone. And I’ll bet they never asked you, either.

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Is Prince a Creep on YouTube?

Prince is once again battling the YouTube masses over videos from a recent performance being posted online — only this time the copyright question is a little more complex. During the recent Coachella music festival, the Purple One covered Radiohead’s Creep (ed. note: awesome). Stoked fans shot footage and posted it. Now, according to The Huffington Post, Prince is aggressively sending out takedown notices — even though he doesn’t own the rights to the song.

Though both acts are pioneers in music distribution, when it comes to online video, so far they’ve taken markedly different approaches. Prince set his sites on YouTube back in September when he announced plans to sue the video-sharing site for not filtering out unauthorized content. Radiohead, on the other hand, has their own channel on YouTube, did a special performance for, and even worked UGC animation site AniBoom to create a video.

During a recent interview, when Radiohead lead singer Thom Yorke learned of Prince’s takedowns, he was quoted as saying, “Well, tell him to unblock it. It’s our…song.”

Psst, don’t tell Prince, but you can still find copies of the performance on YouTube.

Dish Taking Mobile Slooooooow

Even though Dish Network is testing mobile TV transmission equipment this summer, don’t hold your breath for the service to arrive any time soon. On its earnings call today, Dish chairman Charlie Ergen and vice chairman Carl Vogel made it abundantly clear they are in no rush — and they want to enlist some partners before they do anything.

According to Mutichannel News, Vogel said:

“We’re a long, long, long way from building anything out. We’re a long, long, long way from deciding who our partners will be and when, but we do think it is a valuable piece of spectrum that gives us an opportunity to have numerous strategic discussions that will provide an asset that’s additive to the business we already have.”

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