Deal with poor performers now [video]

As OpenDNS grows past 100 employees, founder and David Ulevitch realized that not every employee is suited for the next phase of the company. In this video interview, he explains why it’s important to deal with poor performers and not waste time on people who waste time.

Hide DNS requests from friends, foes and the feds

The folks at OpenDNS, which provides a domain name server for individuals that aims to be faster and more secure than those provided by your ISP, on Tuesday launched DNSCrypt a new product aimed at making DNS look up more secure and private.

(Amazon) Silk or a spider web?

Of all the announcements from Amazon today, the most audacious one is about Silk, a hybrid browser that essentially pre-fetches the web, caches it and then serves it up to Fire owners. And that has implications – both good and bad, for consumers and Amazon rivals.

OpenDNS and Google team to speed up the web

A few million Americans may find their YouTube requests get delivered faster on Tuesday as Google, OpenDNS, VeriSign and several content delivery networks announce Global Internet Speed Up effort. It’s another way to make content routing at the edge of the network smarter.

The five levels of ISP evil

Recent allegations of ISPs hijacking search traffic are just the tip of the iceberg. Dane Jasper, CEO of ISP offers his “quick guide to the five levels of ISP evil” and explains just how low some ISPs will go.

Another Wave of Infrastructure Apps

Today’s cloud computing platforms give rise to a new class of web-accessible application support functions, or infrastructure apps, that replace costly integrated hardware and software. Here are five apps that can help with transactional email, compute-intensive cycles, network services, database as a service, and indexing and search.

Google Says Public DNS Is About Speed, Not Ads

Google has launched a product called Google Public DNS that can be installed as an alternative to the DNS systems offered by network providers, the purpose of which it says is to make the web run faster, and early reports confirm a noticeable speed increase.