SDN is not OpenFlow, but OpenFlow is a real disruption

With all the excitement around software-defined networking, most people forget that OpenFlow, which helped jump start that conversation, is more than just virtualization. It’s the creation of a common hardware platform that will commoditize the router.

2012: The year software-defined networking sold out

Companies spent roughly $1.6 billion buying networking startups in 2012 with one deal being responsible for the lion’s share of that total. Yet, even if VMware hadn’t purchased Nicira for $1.26 billion, networking deals and software-defined networking deals in particular, were red hot in 2012.

Brocade’s SDN vision sheds some light on OpenFlow’s evolution

Brocade joined the parade of vendors, large and small, trumpeting their software defined networking strategies. The company laid out a strategy that offers a Brocade-specific fabric as well as an ability to operate an OpenFlow network simultaneously with an existing network.

Forget offshore tax-havens & meet the offshore cloud

Can a niche player build a business offering an offshore cloud to rival Amazon’s infrastructure as a service? Calligo wants to try. The startup has formed on the Channel Islands to provide an offshore cloud option for enterprises and eventually, an offshore personal storage account.

Watch out Cisco. Huawei’s coming!

Huawei, six months after creating its enterprise networking division here in the U.S. is ready to make a big splash at Interop this year. The Chinese networking gear maker is the one thing Cisco‚Äôs CEO John Chambers fears and today’s announcements show why.

OpenRadio changes what it means to be an ISP

The havoc that OpenFlow is wreaking in the data center may also change the way we think of ISPs, and solve the spectrum crisis. OpenRadio is a project that hopes to use OpenFlow to create pools of broadband from Wi-Fi, cellular and other networks.