Why the cloud needs new forms of networking

Networking is getting sexy again, thanks to OpenFlow and other approaches to network virtualization. So what has prompted this movement towards smarter and more flexible networks? Blame it on the cloud, and the fact that the old ways of networking simply can’t keep up with it.

Arista CEO: Cloud networking has to be fast and predictable

Health care and stock trading has led to a need for new forms of cloud networking, which are growing much quicker than good old enterprise networking. However, cloud networking needs to have low latencies, and it needs new forms of control, because speed alone doesn’t help.

BigSwitch Nets $13.7M to Become VMware of Networking

BigSwitch Networks, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based network virtualization startup founded on the principles of the OpenFlow standard, has raised $13.75 million in a Series A financing, led by Index Ventures and Khosla Ventures. The company’s goal is to become the VMware of networking.

Are Home Networks Destined for Cloud-Based Networking?

There are obvious opportunities stemming from Wi-Fi Direct and Apple’s Airplay technologies, but how does one look beyond point solutions and hardware products to find the larger opportunity? The answer came to me during a conversation with Urs Hoelzle, Google’s SVP of engineering at Google.