Here’s why CERN ditched OpenNebula for OpenStack

CERN has been testing options for a massive private cloud to serve 11,000 physicists around the world. It’s dropped OpenNebula in favor of OpenStack, but was that a valid or hype-driven decision?

Europe warms to OpenStack

It’s hard to precisely quantify adoption of open-source software, but it looks like OpenStack is gaining serious traction in Europe, with adopters ranging from CERN and Deutsche Telekom to France’s burgeoning national clouds.

OpenNebula 4.0 guns for the vCloud crowd

With VMware users now accounting for 70 percent of OpenNebula’s customer base, the focus in the new release is very much on making OpenNebula a no-brainer replacement for vCloud.

Why is OpenStack adoption slower in Europe?

We all know Europe’s a bit behind the curve on cloud, but that’s not the only reason the fast-growing IaaS platform is finding the going tougher there than elsewhere.