Opera 10.5 for Windows Released

Opera Software today announced the release of Opera 10.5, less than a month after making the beta available. The big change in this release is improved performance. Opera claims that 10.5 is the fastest browser available; a claim backed by my benchmark tests of the beta.

Opera 10.5 Beta: The Fastest Browser on Earth

Opera Software today released the beta of Opera 10.5 for Windows. The big improvement in this new release is a new JavaScript engine; Opera claims that it is eight times faster — and my tests show that claim is justified.

Broadcast From Your Backpack With New Livestream Device

The most aptly named live-streaming company in the business, Livestream, is taking the wraps off its new Livepack — an all-in-one, backpack-sized device that enables live, mobile, HD-quality broadcasts.

The ruggedized device requires no laptop and comes with a touchscreen and six integrated 3G/EVDO modems from AT&T (s T), Verizon (s VZ) and Sprint that are bound together in a way to provide the highest possible available bit rate. Livestream CEO and co-founder Max Haot told us by phone that in a good coverage area users can get a solid 700kbps connection (it can go up to 1Mbps), in poor coverage areas, the six modems working together can provide a 300-400kbps.

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Simplify Your Workflow With Dropzone

Dropzone Icon

The real power of OS X (s aapl) lies in all of the hidden gems beneath what you see at first glance. Technologies like Expose, Spaces, Stacks, Spotlight and others help users tap the power of their Mac, while keeping the experience sleek and elegant. Aptonic’s Dropzone, a third-party application designed to further simplify your Mac experience, fits into this group perfectly and naturally.

It’s Like an Intern for Your Dock

Dropzone is an application that resides in your Dock like any other app. The power of Dropzone comes into play when you begin dragging files onto its icon. Similar to the appearance of a Stack, Dropzone will expand giving you options of what to do with the file or files you’ve selected. Think of it like Automator for your Dock.

For example, if I have a handful of files selected, and drag them onto my Dropzone icon, I am presented with a series of choices, one of which is “Zip files and email.” As simple as it sounds, dragging the files onto this icon zips the files automatically and attaches them to a new email message inside of Mail. Gone are the days of right-clicking to compress the files, attaching that to an email and then deleting the zip file when I’m done. Read More about Simplify Your Workflow With Dropzone