Opera Mini Brings Choice To The App Store

After much debate and speculation as to whether or not Apple would accept it, Opera’s mobile browser, known as Opera Mini, is now finally available for the iPhone and can be downloaded from the App Store.

So Opera Mini Is Now on the iPhone — So What?

Opera Mini for iPhone has gained approval in the Apple iTunes Store, much to the surprise of many. After installing and using the browser, though, I’m left wondering if there’s room in the iPhone world for Opera Mini, which is better suited to feature phones.

Opera Submits Browser App…But Who Cares?

I don’t use any browser on my iPhone (s aapl) other than Mobile Safari. And, unless you have a jailbroken iPhone, neither do you.

That’s because Apple’s webkit-powered Mobile Safari provides the browser engine for all the iPhone’s various windows onto the Interweb. So, whether you’re viewing a webpage from inside Tweetie 2, Instapaper or any one of the multitude of apps that allow for in-app web browsing, you’re using Mobile Safari.

Back in early February at the Mobile World Congress, Opera showed off an iPhone version of their mobile browser, Opera Mini, to a select group of reporters and tech-pundits. That left me a little confused; how could they produce a real browser, built from the ground-up, using its own in-house rendering engine, without breaking the rules? Read More about Opera Submits Browser App…But Who Cares?

Opera Mini Arrives on Android — Who Should Get It?

Opera Mini 5 hit the Android Market this morning, offering another browser choice. It’s a solid beta effort, but how does it compare to the native Android browser? And who should use it? I can think of one situation where it has a definite advantage.

Do Opera Mini Stats Tell the Whole Mobile Web Story?

opera_mini_logoOpera again showcased the growth of the mobile web with today’s installment of its monthly report of Opera Mini usage, but in a world where web-friendly smartphones are gaining traction its data may be getting stale. While there’s no doubt that Opera Mini has amassed a huge following, it’s unclear how instructive the company’s statistics are when it comes to overall mobile web usage. Read More about Do Opera Mini Stats Tell the Whole Mobile Web Story?

Clearing The Cache — Updates Edition

Like many of us, I spend a lot of time on the web and come across a staggering number of interesting things. In Clearing The Cache, I pull out some of my favorites and share them with you here.
Online identity manager DandyID, which I covered back in July, has added some nice improvements to its privacy options, specifically the option to control which of your identities is visible through your online profile or shared widgets.
Simon shared some great integration news about Outright and Expensify. It’s wonderful to see the Small Business Web initiative really moving forward.
Browser Opera Mini jumps to beta 5 — an impressive looking release for the mobile platform. Tabbed browsing and password management look like standout features.
Social Contact Manager BatchBook now lets you create custom web forms that tie right in to your CRM database.
The folks over at MailChimp just announced a very cool Twitter-themed email template for their email marketing service. Link your MailChimp account to your Twitter account, and you can automatically pull in profile information including colors and backgrounds, follower numbers and recent tweets to use in your campaigns.

YouTube Gains Ground Along With Opera Mini

opera_mini_logoMuch of the increased uptake on the wireless web is being credited to Apple’s iPhone, but Opera continues to make impressive gains with its Mini browser. In particular, users are increasingly tuning in to YouTube via Opera Mini.
The Norwegian developer said today that 29.1 million people used Opera Mini in July, marking an almost 10 percent rise over June figures and a 145 percent increase over July 2008. Page views increased more than 15 percent from the previous month, topping the 12 billion-mark, and more than doubling the number from July 2008. Predictably, data consumption through Mini in the most recent month increased at similar rates — to 187 million MB dowloaded. Read More about YouTube Gains Ground Along With Opera Mini

Will Firefox Mobile Make It in Time?

Sure it’s early days in the mobile browser wars, but early days have a tendency to fly by quickly, and by the time Firefox introduces a beta version of its upcoming mobile browser later this year, it may be too late. Last night Aza Raskin, head of user experience for Mozilla Labs, posted a demo of the forthcoming mobile browser along with some ideas and features he’s thinking about. He has some good ones. But he also has a large blind spot in that he says it’s designed for a touch phone. Read More about Will Firefox Mobile Make It in Time?