Why you should expect more online outages but less downtime

Gmail went down for 18 minutes during prime email checking hours on the West Coast thanks to a routine software update conducted Monday morning. But in an era of continuous code deployment Google’s mid morning update isn’t unusual — it’s the future.

Pinterest to startups: devops is hard, but do it anyway

The popular social network uses devops software deployment smarts to keep all those pinboards up and running in the face of explosive growth and still be able to add features, according to operations engineer (and devops pro) Ryan Park.

BMC bolsters DevOps story with VaraLogix buy

BMC, a specialist in the systems management technology used in traditional data centers, is buying VaraLogix to make it easier to deploy and update multi-tier applications. This deal follows BMC’s acquisition last year of StreamStep and its application delivery know-how.

Opscode boosts scale, adds Active Directory support to Chef

Striving to make Chef more enterprise-friendly, Opscode added Microsoft Active Directory and Solaris support to the automated configuration management tool. It also says that its Private Chef version can now wring three times as much work out of the same old hardware.

Opscode nets $19.5M in new funding, adds Connors to board

Configuration management player Opscode nets $19.5 million in new Series C funding led by Ignition Partners and names Ignition’s John Connors, former Microsoft CFO, to the board. With its cash infusion, Opscode hopes to build its engineering staff and enterprise business.

Opscode brings Chef to Windows

Opscode has brought it cloud-configuration-management technology, Chef, to Microsoft Windows environments. Chef lets users create “recipes” for configuring and managing infrastructure in an automated and scalable manner, which has made it popular for a variety of complex use cases such as cloud computing and scale-out clusters.

DevOps eliminates knee-jerk no’s at the IT level

Cloud computing technologies have helped remove many of the intrinsic barriers programmers used to encounter when developing, deploying and scaling software applications. Now, the biggest hurdles developers often face are human: their own corporate IT teams. That’s the problem DevOps aims to solve.