Opscode gets Chef cooking for the enterprise

Opscode, the configuration management company that has rethought the way to deploy and monitor hardware and software for cloud environments, has emerged from beta and launched a product specifically for the enterprise. Along the way it learned something about enterprise cloud adoption.

HP’s Cloud Plans ‘Leaked’; They Actually Look Good

An HP executive “accidentally” spilled the beans of HP’s upcoming cloud computing plans on his LinkedIn page yesterday, but the mere presence of the plans isn’t as important as is the fact that they look pretty solid.

Puppet Labs Gets $5M for Data Center Software

Puppet Labs has raised a $5 million second round of funding led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, which brings the total funding for open source configuration management software provider to more than $7 million. The company also announced the latest version of the Puppet software.

The Origins of Amazon’s Cloud Computing

The story of Amazon creating a cloud computing business to take advantage of capacity left over from the peak holiday season has settled into the Internet apocrypha, but blogger Carl Brooks claims he’s uncovered the real reason the online bookstore got into the cloud.