GigaOM Reads: A look back at the week in tech

In Summly we trust, Flipping the magazines, Math Madness, Say no to contracts & iPhone comes to T-Mobile, plus cable cuts slow down the Internet and links to web-world greatness. A look back at the week in tech

There is something fishy about the Egyptian cable-cut arrests

Three men were arrested for planning to cut an undersea cable, according to published reports. The arrests by the Egyptian Government raise more questions than answers, for this is an atypical event when it comes to undersea cable cuts.

Reliance in trouble. Flag Telecom cancels $1B IPO

Flag Telecom, an undersea cable operator owned by India’s Reliance Communications has cancelled its $1 billion IPO due to market conditions. The failure to launch has implications for its debt laden parent, which is trying desperately to find a way out of a $7 billion mess.

Huawei, Corning test 100G over 3,000 kilometers

This fall we have seen a number of companies announce their experiments and tests with 100 Gbps networks, especially over long haul networks. Today Chinese telecom behemoth Huawei showed off its latest efforts, conducted in partnership with Corning, a maker of optical cables and television glass.

Under the Atlantic Ocean, data zips at 100 Gbps

An optical transmission under the Atlantic at 100 Gbps – that sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? Today, Hibernia Atlantic, a network operator and Chinese hardware maker Huawei did just that – the first 100Gbps optical transmission across the Atlantic. Infinera did the same under the Pacific.

Infinera, TeliaSonera test a new terabit network

TeliaSonera, a Scandinavian-based telephone company, has conducted a trial for an optical network that saw a terabit speed optical transmission based on 500 gigabit per second super channels. The trial used Infinera gear and was conducted between Los Angeles and San Jose, Calif.

New research breakthrough will boost optical networks

A research team at the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden has come up with a new optical amplifier that can help boost the efficiency of backhaul optical networks, a move that could have a big impact on the overall economics of bandwidth.

Internet Keeps Growing! Traffic up 62% in 2010

Internet traffic has grown 62 percent in 2010, after logging a handsome 74 percent growth in 2009. The growth in traffic is coming from non-mature markets likes Eastern Europe and India where traffic growth is over 100 percent. But what does it mean?