Faster networks anyone? IBM pops optics on conventional silicon chips.

Figuring out how to bring the speed of light to communications on chips, between chips and everywhere has been an overarching goal of semiconductor research. IBM says it is ready to bring a technology that puts optics and electronics on a chip using conventional manufacturing methods.

Turning a building into a solar honeycomb

Fusing solar technology with buildings is an area that tends to invite creative ideas. An intriguing design caught our attention at Intersolar in San Francisco this week: It’s a solar panel with a honeycomb structure that replaces the glass facades of a building.

Facebook and Google Want a Say in How Optics Evolve

The giants of the web are taking on the giants in the telecommunications industry when it comes to optical networking. Google and Facebook are unhappy with the way the optical gear makers are building their wares, citing a slow time frame for products and uncessary features.