Optony: Where Thin Film and Concentrating Solar Meet

The idea behind Optony, a year-old startup that is working on combining thin film solar cells with a solar concentrating system, is to merge two of the solar industry’s low-cost options to produce solar power prices that rival grid parity. At least that’s the theory — the company is still in the development phase. P. R. Yu, CEO and founder of the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based startup, tells us that the company has just started to raise a Series A round to help continue work on its rooftop and ground-mounted solar system.

Usually, solar concentrating systems use mirrors and lenses to focus sun rays onto tiny, highly-efficient, multi-junction solar cells that can withstand the high concentrations and heat. The problem is that while only a small amount of the solar cell is used in these systems, the material itself can be pretty expensive. Yu says the company’s thin-film material, which it plans to manufacture itself, is cheaper than these cells as well as traditional silicon-based photovoltaics.
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Adobe Wants to Come in from the Cold

Though Adobe’s Flash player sits in nearly every browser and plays hundreds of millions of videos (and other things) per day, the company doesn’t charge for much of this incredible amount of usage. Now, leading up to the launch of its next platform, Apollo, Adobe is trying to wedge itself into a more lucrative position.
At its developers’ conference in Las Vegas last week, Adobe announced it would spend $100 million in venture funding on startups that use Adobe platforms, especially Apollo, the company’s new system for running applications written in Flash, HTML, and JavaScript from the desktop. The core idea is to marry the online and offline worlds, but the system is only out in preview now, so there aren’t exactly startups queued up for the cash.
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CES Day One- LID, Tablets running Vista

I spent a good deal of time at the Microsoft booth at CES yesterday and grabbed some photos of some very interesting things. There were not any new Tablets on display but there were several Tablet PCs running Vista on display. Here are some random pics:

Concept PC with a LID module for checking PIM data. Module detaches and goes with you.

Motion LS800 running Vista.

Fujitsu P1510D running Vista.

Fujitsu ST5000 slate and P1510D mini-Tablet PC.