Squeezed Cell Networks Lead to Dealmaking

Today Pulsus and SpiderCloud, two startups making hardware for the mobile industry, scored investments. As users, application developers and carriers bump up against the technical constraints around mobile broadband’s popularity, expect more and more hardware investments and dealmaking in the mobile semiconductor and equipment worlds.

VCs Hope to See Wi-Fi Everywhere

Many people are familiar with the coffee shop’s Wi-Fi, while others even know how to set up a simple home network. Pretty much everyone, however, knows that Wi-Fi is what makes it all possible. That ubiquity is what many venture firms are counting on as they invest in a group of startups putting Wi-Fi into cameras, televisions and even keyboards and mice.

The number of Wi-Fi chips sold is expected to top 1 billion this year, up from more than 200 million sold in 2006, according to data from ABI Research. Beyond computers, WiFi-enabled televisions, set-top boxes and cars are entering the market. That’s good news for those backing the standard, but it could pose a problem for the multiple startups betting on different wireless standards for connecting computers to peripherals, transmitting wireless video and managing home-automation networks.

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Structure 08 Recap: Yo Founders! There’s Gold in Them Clouds!

GigaOM’s Structure 08 event offered a terrific opportunity to survey the changing landscape of computing infrastructure. But as with all technology shifts, innovation won’t just belong to the big established players like VMWare, Amazon, Google, Sun Microsystems, Salesforce.com and NetSuite. With that in mind, Found|READ asked a panel of conference participants to share their thoughts via email on some of the more compelling business opportunities for startups in the cloud computing space. Specifically, we asked them:

F|R: Let’s say you’re about to start, or fund, a new business. Considering the changing landscape for computing architecture, what emerging or ignored problem in cloud computing would you target? What business or service would you launch to try to address it? Read More about Structure 08 Recap: Yo Founders! There’s Gold in Them Clouds!