Oracle bulks up its public cloud with ex-Joyent engineer

Joyent’s former vice president of engineering Mark Cavage is now the senior director and architect of engineering for Oracle’s public cloud. The new hire shows Oracle means business when it comes to building its cloud infrastructure, but it still has a ways to go before it can be an established cloud player.

Should NoSQL startups be afraid of DynamoDB?

Executives at NoSQL startups are keeping a brave face in response to Amazon Web Services’ new DynamoDB offering. They cite the new product as a validation, while generally dismissing the competitive ramifications of having Amazon now playing in the same pool. But is that confidence justified?

Today in Cloud

SAP clearly believes they have something special in HANA, the company’s in-memory database solution. Originally geared toward rapid data analysis, SAP execs have increasingly been describing a broader set of use cases for the HANA technology. Now, in pronouncements from a company event in Boston this week, SAP is claiming that HANA will help the company pass IBM, Microsoft and Teradata to become the number 2 database vendor (behind Oracle) by 2015. HANA is interesting technology, and SAP already claims some $100 million in HANA-related software sales, but it’s a very different technology from the incumbents it’s trying to unseat. SAP has a lot of work to do, to convince prospective buyers that HANA works, that it meets their needs, and that it does so better than whatever they’re using today. In the conservative world of enterprise IT, all of that is going to take time… and 2015 is actually not very many procurement cycles away.

Why the big data startup boom will likely be short-lived

There has been a remarkable flowering of companies over the past year or two, all riding a wave of developer and investor enthusiasm for the loosely defined concept of “big data.” But given that the big data startup market is probably overvalued and headed for a lot of consolidation, these new companies’ days might be numbered.