Ellison says no more big acquisitions. Yeah, right

Oracle CEO and acquirer-in-chief Larry Ellison told CNBC not to expect any big acquisitions in the near future. Instead Oracle will focus on its ambitious cloud plans, engineered systems and organic growth. We’ll see….

Tit for tat: Amazon offers free taste of Oracle database

The empire strikes back: Amazon Web Services adds the Oracle database — actually the whole RDS lineup — to its free usage tier. Anyone who doesn’t see Oracle’s new Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Amazon Web Services as potential competitors should probably look again.

Oracle cloud takes vendor lock-in up a notch

Oracle’s new clouds are a vehicle for selling more Oracle hardware and software into big accounts. It’s unclear how many of these big accounts — banks, manufacturers, insurance companies — really want to go all-in with Oracle in the cloud, however.

Shocker! Oracle takes on Amazon with all-Oracle-all-the-time cloud

Oracle’s promised new public and private clouds will run (spoiler alert) Oracle OS, Oracle VM, Oracle database and new Oracle Exadata X3 hardware. The company’s scale-up approach flies in the face of scale-out clouds espoused by market leaders like Amazon.