How to hire data scientists and get hired as one

Data scientist might be the sexiest job of the 21st century, but it’s hardly an easy gig to land. Here is some advice from practitioners at Netflix, Orbitz and Hortonworks on how get hired and even do the hiring.

Balancing Oracle and open source at Orbitz

Orbitz has transitioned a major system off of Oracle’s Coherence database and onto the NoSQL Couchbase Server, but the database giant still has a significant footprint in Orbitz’s data centers. It’s all part of being a big company trying to roll with the IT punches.

Orbitz launches new iPhone app, bets on mobile growth

Nailing the mobile experience is essential for online travel services. Orbitz’s new free app aims to make it much easier for leisure travelers to do trip research and book hotel, airfare and rental cars all within one app without going to a mobile website.

Big data reveals Mac users book pricier hotels

It appears as if Apple users’ willingness to shell out a little more cash for a premium experience doesn’t stop at computers. Orbitz’s data-crunching has found that Mac users also spend about $20 more a night on hotels than do Windows users.

How connectivity is revolutionizing everything

Blazing fast networks, cheap silicon, always-on devices and a torrent of data will fundamentally change everything — how we consume media, how we work, and even who we are. We examined 10 areas that show how connectivity is profoundly changing the present and future of technology.

Orbitz outsources analytics to the cloud

Travel-booking service Orbitz chose Kognitio’s Data Warehouse as a Service offering. The decision to move such a critical piece of the analytics stack to Kognitio’s cloud service highlights Orbitz’s commitment big data and is further proof that the cloud is an ideal place for it.

American to Orbitz: No More Flights For You

Orbitz says American Airlines isn’t going to be participating in Orbitz, starting Dec. 1. AA said that they will look to negotiate a better deal. Which means a smaller cut to Orbitz. The news ravaged Orbitz shares — down 18 percent so far for the day.