South Carolina tells Uber to shut down in the state

On Thursday, South Carolina’s Public Service Commission (PSC) issued an order for Uber to cease operations. The state governing body warned the company to stop its service immediately and not to resume until all its driver partners have proper certification. In the directive, the PSC said, “Consumers benefit from, and deserve choices in, the marketplace. However, those choices must be consistent with state law intended to protect the public.”It’s not the only local government that feels that way. State governor Nikki Haley, however, didn’t feel the same. She sent a letter to the PSC Friday expressing disapproval at the decision.

CDMA iPhone Order Suggests Imminent Verizon Launch

For those waiting for the Apple/Verizon wedding, today’s release of the iPad on that network could be seen as the engagement. But, how long until these companies finally join forces to deliver what we’ve all been waiting for: iPhone carrier choice in the U.S.?

Rumor Has It: Foxconn Receives Order for Next-Gen iPhone

The inevitable iPhone update is looming ever closer in the distance, and accordingly, the iPhone rumor mill is heating up. Today, news came that frequent Apple (s aapl) manufacturing partner Foxconn, a Taiwanese hardware company, received an order to build the new iPhone, which still won’t arrive in consumer hands until mid-2010.

News of the iPhone order comes via Mobile Review’s editor in chief, Eldar Murtazin, who tweeted simply, “Foxconn received order for next generation iphone” early Thursday morning. Murtazin is known to have good connections in the mobile phone industry, so there’s a good chance that there’s something solid behind the report. Engadget went so far as to call him “the ultimate insider when it come to all things mobile,” which is no small praise. Read More about Rumor Has It: Foxconn Receives Order for Next-Gen iPhone

It’s Almost iPhone Day: How Are My Apple and AT&T Pre-Orders Going?

Earlier this week, I wrote about how I ended up ordering an iPhone 3G S via Apple (s aapl) and AT&T (s t). The former had to be reserved at an Apple store (couldn’t get it delivered, I think, because I’m on a family plan, so they need in-person activation); the latter was to be delivered.

Keep in mind that neither company guaranteed I’d get the phone on Friday, June 19. They used wording that certainly implied it, but they were pretty careful to cover themselves in case they couldn’t make it. Fair enough.

So, it’s been a few days since then, and tomorrow is the big day. How are they doing? Read More about It’s Almost iPhone Day: How Are My Apple and AT&T Pre-Orders Going?

Apple Places Order for 100 Million 8Gb Flash Chips


Let’s not jump to any conclusions. Maybe they just want to redecorate the Cupertino campus, and they thought covering the walls in 8Gb (gigabit, not byte) flash chips would be original and visually appealing.

Actually, that’s probably the last possible reason Apple (s aapl) recently placed a massive order for 100 million 8Gb chips from their suppliers, most of which will come from Samsung, according to DigiTimes, the source of the report. Yes, that is a lot of chips, and apparently the whole industry will feel the strain as the NAND flash supply will be pretty tight up until the end of May, thanks to fairly large orders by Sony (s sne) and Nokia (s nok), in addition to Apple. Read More about Apple Places Order for 100 Million 8Gb Flash Chips