Organic Motion Gets $7.4M to Go Virtual

3708517772_bdc6ae5584Organic Motion, a startup that makes software that will help enable a new generation of simulation products and even gesture-based computer controls, has raised $7.4 million from the Foundry Group, bringing its total funding to somewhere in the range of $10 million. The startup’s software could usher in the reality of room-sized applications as well as allow people to visually navigate and manipulate huge amounts of data. And Organic Motion is the second gesture-based startup to get VC money this week — Canesta raised $16 million on Tuesday. Read More about Organic Motion Gets $7.4M to Go Virtual

I Want to Give My Computer the Finger

sorcerers-apprenticeUpdated: Using gestures to control your computer is one of those sci-fi dreams that most of us find fun to imagine, but don’t expect to ever incorporate into our everyday lives. But after reading about theĀ AcceleGlove over on OStatic, a $500 glove that comes with a software development kit so it can be programmed to control applications, I started thinking about how I could use gesture to make my day a little more fun (and active). My vision requires the aforementioned glove and possibly a pretty sharp video camera, or a whole set of video cameras, to make gesture controls even more effective. Feel free to tell me how this will or won’t work in the comments, or let me know what else I would need. Read More about I Want to Give My Computer the Finger