Why people are giving Ind.ie money to think past the web

The “Indienet”, which will apparently be best experienced on a new device called the Indie Phone, is on track to comfortably exceed its crowdfunding goals. But, beyond more private interactions, what new services will it enable?

Apple issues OS X patch for Shellshock vulnerability

Apple has released an update for recent versions of its OS X operating system in order to patch the so-called Shellshock bug. The flaw in the bash shell, which Unix-based systems like OS X and Linux use, is severe and could allow attackers to steal information or take over victims’ systems, though Apple already said its users would only be vulnerable if they “configure advanced Unix services.” According to Ars Technica, the upcoming OS X Yosemite version will include the patch by default. The patch issued late Monday is intended for the following versions: Lion v10.7.5, Lion Server v10.7.5, Mountain Lion v10.8.5, and Mavericks v10.9.5.