PC Mag: time to reinvent the laptop

Tim Bajarin of PC Magazine has penned a good article about mobile PCs and road warriors.  He is the first journalist who has written about the UMPC who seems to actually get the platform and understand the needs they are designed to meet.  More importantly he knows what he wants and he lays those needs out very succinctly and explains why most UMPCs available today won’t meet those needs.  His article is most interesting as he reminisces about mobile devices of yore such as the Poqet PC and the NEC Mobile Pro handheld PC and laments how those devices, even though they appeared 10 years ago, could almost meet his needs now.  All we need is for some enterprising OEM to refresh them with full Vista compatibility and throw in USB and WWAN for good measure.  He’s sharp enough to realize the HTC Shift may be the device that he needs and he covers that for a bit, too.  I’ll bet if he sees the new Fujitsu UMPC he’ll say "game over".  It’s a good read and highly recommended.

CompUSA’s closing stores- good deals to be found

Compusa logoCompUSA announced this week they are shuttering over 50% of their retail stores in the US, much to the dismay of geeks everywhere.  I decided to swing by my local CompUSA to see if they are one of the stores closing and got my answer before I even pulled into the parking lot.  They’d hired a guy to stand out at the street holding a big sign that said “Everything in the store up to 20% off”.  Yep, sure enough they are closing my local branch down.  I asked one of the workers when they are closing and he said they don’t know, they’ll keep open until everything in the store is gone.  I looked around and everything is pretty much 10 – 20% off so if you’re looking for some pretty good deals check your local CompUSA and see if it’s shutting down.

Johan Santana’s Pitching Secret – Sony PSP

Minnesota Twins ace pitcher recently told Sports Illustrated that he plays simulated baseball games on his Sony PSP on nights before he pitches. “Because it gives you ideas,” he told SI. “I see the scouting reports, though I don’t go by that, and in these video games you can see what the hitters have, how to approach them. It’s pretty cool.” via Dave

Former Qwest Accountant – I Didn’t Do Nothing

James Kozlowski, a former Qwest Communications accountant facing civil fraud charges and one of the seven former Qwest guys to be named in a lawsuit filed by SEC says that got all the advise from independent auditors when it came to recording fiber-optic capacity swaps.The total fraud is said to be about $3 billion in value. More at Yahoo News.

DRM or Digital Rights Migraine

In my opinion, it’s not acceptable for consumers to have different terms of use for content playback on particular platforms (case in point: digital music and video services who implement proprietary Apple and Microsoft based DRM technologies). In other words, we need an updated version, and a set standard, for “fair use” in the digital age that clearly states the rights of both consumers and producers in regard to DRM protected digital media. Alexander Grundner