Social media brings out the snitch in all of us

Twitter and Facebook are great tools for reporting on world events — but what happens when we turn those tools on one another? We got a glimpse of that in Vancouver, and it was a glimpse of a future that some would rather not see.

News Editors Still Don’t Want Journalists to Be Human

The American Society of News Editors has come out with a report looking at social-media policies at major media organizations, and while there is some positive advice, the report continues to tell media outlets that journalists should not be human beings when they are online.

Does Posting Things to Twitter Make You a Journalist?

Is the man who live-tweeted the bin Laden attack a “citizen journalist?” Some argue that he is not, but the reality is that what we call journalism is being unbundled into its component parts, and anyone can now perform some or all of those functions.

Tales of the Tweets: Osama Bin Laden Edition

The news of Osama bin Laden’s death that broke late Sunday evening has proved to be a cause for jubilant celebration, somber reflection, detailed analysis … and thousands of jokes on Twitter. Most of the bon mots fall into a few categories, which we’ve rounded up here.

Osama Bin Laden and the New Ecosystem of News

While many would like to give credit to Twitter for breaking the news about Osama bin Laden, this isn’t about Twitter vs. media — it’s about the reality of a new ecosystem of news, one in which Twitter and Facebook play an extremely powerful role.