TeliaSonera drops extra VoIP fees but raises rates

A data plan to charge consumers extra for Skype, Google Talk or other VoIP calls has been squashed by TeliaSonera; sort of. Instead of the planned 6 Euro fee for 5 to 10 hours of VoIP calls, the operator is simply raising rates for all.

Voice is a killer app, but not all carriers will kill to control it

Despite the dust up over FaceTime, not all carriers see blocking or restricting over-the-top communications services as their option. VoIP player Sidecar thinks carriers will try and match the features of OTT apps, while T-Mobile says it actively encourage the use of competing IP communications services.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings’ response to HBO Nordic: It’s on!

The gloves are off between Netflix and HBO – in Northern Europe, anyway: HBO revealed plans for an HBO Nordic offering that can be accessed on the Internet without a TV subscription two weeks after Netflix announced its expansion to Northern Europe.

MetroPCS enters the VoIP age. Who will be next?

MetroPCS became the first US carrier to take the leap to voice-over-LTE, combining its voice, messaging and Internet services onto a single IP network. Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile have VoLTE plans of their own but they don’t necessarily have the same motivations for getting there.

MightyText: a texting service you (and your carrier) will love

MightyText has taken the beta wraps off of its over-the-top messaging service, which extends an Android phone’s SMS capabilities to PCs and tablets. Using the same phone number, a MightyText user can send and receive text messages from a PC or tablet browser.

Why carriers need to treat developers more like partners

“Operators treat partners like vendors.” That quote comes form Google director of global android partnerships John Lagerling, who said it at a Dublin conference where it was captured by Light Reading. It’s a telling statement — one that sums up a big problem facing the wireless industry.

Comcast data caps stand in the way of Sony video service

Sony has big plans for a competitive home video service to compete with programming offers from the cable and satellite companies – or maybe I should say ‘had’. Those plans are on hold until regulators decide if Comcast can keep prioritize its content over everyone else’s.

Got a Web 2.0 service? Tyntec will slap a phone number on it

Your Facebook or LinkedIn account doesn’t have a phone number, but one day it might if Tyntec has anything to say about it. The German company wants to build a virtual mobile phone into any Web 2.0 service, bridging the gap between over-the-top apps and mobile.

Boxee gets more porn with FyreTV app

Porn stars are coming to Boxee, thanks to a new app from FyreTV. The X-rated VOD content provider is embracing Boxee and other over-the-top video platforms after previous efforts to rent a dedicated streaming device for adult videos to end users failed to take off.