Hyper-Local News: It’s About the Community or It Fails

AOL has agreed to acquire Outside.in, a hyper-local news aggregator, for substantially less than investors put into the company. Like many other experiments in hyper-local news, it failed to connect with the communities it was supposed to be serving, and that is the kiss of death.

Outside.in to AOL’s Patch: Bring It On

Mark Josephson, CEO of hyper-local news aggregator Outside.in, isn’t concerned about AOL pouring $50 million into its Patch.com hyper-local news operation. He says that while they are both going after local advertising, the two services are very different and there’s plenty of room for everyone.

Media-related Venture Activity Is in Bloom in NYC

New York is the capital of media, advertising, and finance, but historically Silicon Valley and Boston have overshadowed New York’s efforts to encourage and fund technology entrepreneurs. In the past two years, this has changed, especially when it comes to media-related ventures.