is bringing its DVR for cord cutters to Ouya will launch an app for its over-the-air DVR on Ouya devices next year. The app will bring live and recorded TV to the Android-based game console, provided that users also own’s networked DVR. The company announced Thursday that it will preview an app for at CES in January, where it will also show off a first implementation of a cloud DVR. CEO Mark Ely first told me in July that the company was thinking about adding a cloud-based DVR as a supplemental feature to its device.

After Kickstarter success, Ouya CEO just getting started

Ouya, a $99 Android-based video game console, has picked up more than $5 million in the biggest Kickstarter campaign to date. It’s also received plenty of doubts from skeptics as well. In an interview, Julie Uhrman, the CEO and founder, said Ouya is the real deal.