Netflix’s net neutrality jujitsu

This month, Netflix began offering streaming 3D content for the first time, along with something it calls “Super HD” video, which is says is superior to “full 1080p” video. The catch is that Netflix claims it can only deliver the new services to subscribers’ whose ISPs have configured their network to interoperate with Netflix’s own CDN due to the high bandwidth requirements of 3D and Super HD.

From over-the-top to over-the-air

Google, Aereo and Boxee are shifting the focus of OTT video from catch-up TV and on-demand movie titles that make up much of the Hulu and Netflix libraries to live TV content. If their efforts are successful, they will pose a far greater threat to the current pay-TV business than any amount of cord cutting inspired thus far by Netflix or other streaming video providers.

Is AllVid The Lynchpin to Google TV Domination?

You can’t blame the National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA) for sounding the alarm that Google’s support — and suggested recommendations — for AllVid would be tantamount to giving away the keys to the kingdom. And while it’s too soon to tell if AllVid devices will make it to market in the near future, it’s worth sitting back and watching the battle unfold.