Amazon’s live shot

The growing interest in live programming among ad-supported online video platforms mirrors its growing importance to the traditional TV economy.

Uneasy detente on the set-top

Comcast and Netflix are in talks about adding the Netflix streaming app to Comcast’s new X1 set-top boxes, allowing Comcast subscribers to access Netflix content directly through their cable box without having to switch inputs.

Broadcast networks facing talent shortage

Long accustomed to being the first stop for writers and producers shopping new scripts and series, the Big Four broadcast networks now find themselves fighting for top talent’s attention with Netflix, HBO and other outlets.

Must-see TV still must-see

The findings of a new study by Ericcson give empirical support to the points actor Kevin Spacey made in his widely quoted comments at the Edinburgh International Television festival last week.

Watching the game

Apart from that means for the linear TV service, by making nice with the service providers Microsoft may be able to use those integration deals to ensure that Xbox Live game play and downloads also don’t count against a user’s bandwidth cap.

Losing the audience

While CBS stations remain dark on Time Warner Cable systems due to their ongoing retransmission dispute,.actor Kevin Spacey offered as trenchant an analysis as you’ll come across of why CBS’ efforts to keep its content on a short distribution leash are misplaced.

Google-NFL: Head fake, or real deal?

Putting “NFL Sunday Ticket” on YouTube wouldn’t really do much for Google’s broader OTT ambitions. YouTube, by design, is an open, non-exclusive platform available around the world to anyone with internet access; putting “Sunday Ticket” there would actually undermine Google’s efforts to sell a bundled package of channels for its virtual pay-TV service.

Chasing cord-nevers

Viacom needs to cultivate over-the-top distribution platforms because its position with traditional pay-TV distributors is growing weaker.

Taking the game out of game consoles

Like Microsoft, Sony has also reportedly developed a sophisticated UI that integrates linear and on-demand channels into a single app for seamless discovery and switching. But the two console makers’ approach to linear TV integration differ in other important respects, however, that could go a long way toward shaping the future competitive landscape of the console business.