Intel worried about Dish

Dish’s $25.5 billion bid for Sprint has apparently spooked Intel sufficiently to prompt Intel CEO Paul Otellini to weigh in from the road with an email to FCC chairman Julius Genachowski arguing against allowing Dish to bust up Sprint’s proposed merger with Softbank.

Cutting the cord in Hollywood

In the long run, the emergence of a content production economy that is not ultimately dependent on the traditional network gatekeepers either for financing or distribution will be far more disruptive to the pay-TV business than mere on-demand access to existing TV content.

Apple settles into the set-top

The swapped-out Apple TV components suggest Apple expects to be cranking out more or less the same set-top box for some time yet. The new components consist of chips it is already buying in bulk for other products. It’s a cost-savings move, in other words, aimed at making the manufacturing and supply chain of the current Apple TV set-top a little more efficient.

OTT becoming more like pay-TV

Netflix has made no secret of its goal of becoming more like HBO by pushing into original series, but BTIG Research analyst Rich Greenfield detects signs that Netflix’s long-term strategy for aping premium cable may go beyond original productions.

Turning up the DIAL on OTT

The launch of DIAL could represent a major step toward turning second-screen mobile devices into a primary means of discovering and accessing content for the first screen. That has the potential to be far more disruptive to traditional linear TV platforms than are mere over-the-top channels because it promises to deliver a qualitatively different viewing experience in a user interface not modeled on or controlled by any of the traditional gatekeepers.

Intel is the new Apple TV

The pay-TV ecosystem is not going to be disrupted, displaced or even seriously degraded by recreating it at a discount online. It simply is not in content owners’ interest to let that happen and the nature of the content rights system gives them an absolute veto over whether it does.

More set-top rapprochement?

Earlier this year, Apple was reported to be in talks with cable operators about an integrated set-top box. It’s not clear whether those talks led anywhere. But it’s clear from Comcast CEO Briant Roberts’ comments that he’s aware of the value Apple could bring to the TV viewing experience independent of any content it actually brings to the table.