Think Niche to Slay eBay

Another site billing itself as an eBay killer is launching today. Fididel offers real-time negotiation and trains negotiators that can work on behalf of sellers to help them get good prices, which makes it a potential shopping place for those disillusioned with eBay’s auction sniping. Yes, sellers and investors are unhappy with eBay at the moment, but I look at the online auction giant like I look at Wal-Mart; it’s a behemoth that might piss a lot of people off, but lots of other people still shop there.

Of course, the Internet has lots of room for other online auction or e-commerce sites, ranging from other giants such as to upstarts such as Etsy or last week’s launch of Wigex. As for Fididel, I think it will face the same difficulty other online auction or swap meet sites face: getting enough buyers to shop there to make it worthwhile for sellers to participate, and to a lesser extent, getting enough sellers so buyers will congregate. Read More about Think Niche to Slay eBay