Senator cries tax tyranny as Amazon law moves forward

Retailers have long complained it’s unfair that online retailers don’t have to collect the same sales tax. Now that a proposed law is about to change that, politicians are warning it will hurt the internet economy.

iPhone Your Life: Apple Tries to Get its App Store Act Together

There have been a lot of complaints about the organization of the App Store. Yes, you can search, and browse by category, but the sheer volume of apps available and the relatively simple App Store design make finding something without knowing exactly what you’re looking for a bit of a nightmare. Luckily, you have us to sift through the mess and find the diamonds. Now, you also have the official Apple “iPhone Your Life” website.
Apple appears to have taken a page out of Mozilla’s playbook, since iPhone Your Life presents select iPhone apps in a way very similar to Fashion Your Firefox‘s organization of add-ons for their popular internet browser. As on the Mozilla site, items are organized into broad categories that attempt to group apps by use and/or context for use. Apple provides five categories:

  • Around Town: Location-aware apps and directories for finding things to do, eat, etc.
  • World Travel: Map, language, and conversion apps for smooth globe-trotting.
  • At Home: Past-times and fun for the family, plus apps that interact with your Mac.
  • Getting Things Done: A lot of (surprise!) GTD apps.
  • Fun and Games: Many of the higher profile games available for the iPhone, and some silliness.

Each category’s page presents a brief description of around ten apps that are somehow connected with the overall theme. Submenus containing lists of Top Apps or Staff Picks in the category are also included. Pages can be sent to a friend using convenient links following the App descriptions.
The site seems to be aimed at relatively novice users, and is probably designed more as a supplement to the ongoing iPhone “Dilemmas” campaign than as a functional, thematic app browser. Still, iPhone Your Life is well presented, and might reveal a hidden gem or two that you’ve somehow neglected to pick up on in your obsessive refreshing of Or maybe I’m just projecting.