Vid-Biz: Anystream, DigiMeld, Sony DRM

Anystream Buys Voxant; encoding and rights management firm picks up licensed content distributor, financial terms not disclosed. (Multichannel News)

DigiMeld Launches Video Portal; DigiMeld TV lets video producers self-publish live or on-demand streaming channels. (release)

Sony Video DRM: One Download, One Re-Download; company’s video download restrictions could cause problems for people purchasing digital movies. (Ars Technica)

Slamdance Going Online; film fest partnering with to stream 2009 movie selections hours after they debut at the show. (Variety)

Two Video Search Services Launch; releases new search engine combines technology with human editorial, unveils an episodic video search engine.

AT&T to Offer 3 HD Streams to Customers; telco will deploy a new MPEG-4 compression scheme that will decrease bandwidth from 6-8Mbps to roughly 5Mbps. (DSLReports)

Invision.TV Launches Web Program Guide

With nearly half-a-dozen competitors, the company has a tough climb. McLean, Va.-based Invision is led by former cable industry execs, and built its own crawler, personalization, and social tools. It has 10 employees, and is self-funded.