Today in Mobile

Microsoft must be looking at this and salivating over the potential for Windows Phone on Nokia devices.

Nokia Empowering Devs, Not Chasing App Store Numbers

Nokia today took continuing steps to try to attract developers by refining its Ovi store, announcing in-app purchases, and improving its software tools. Although I haven’t spoken to any developers yet on the new changes, I did capture a video walkthrough of the Ovi store enhancements.

Developers Say Nokia’s Ovi Store Needs Fixing

A developer survey of Nokia’s Ovi Store highlights key areas of needed improvement, ranging from more efficient submission processes to faster Quality Assurance checks and better communications. Nearly half of those surveyed indicate that Nokia’s app store is below average when compared to rival software stores.

Today in Mobile

It’s tough to overstate the potential impact of Skype for Symbian coming to Nokia’s Ovi Store (although a lot of people seem to be trying). While Skype already offered a Symbian version, having the app available through Ovi Store — which is gaining impressive traction — will increase awareness of Skype and boost downloads. Nokia’s massive worldwide footprint is well documented, and the app seems particularly well-suited for the emerging markets where Nokia has such a stranglehold. It’s a win-win for both Skype and Ovi Store, and a substantial loss for network operators.

Vid-Biz: TiVo, AT&T, Pure Digital

TiVo Loses Another 139,000 Subscribers; for the quarter ending April 30, the company’s subscriber count dipped to 3.196 million, on par with what it had in early 2005. (TV by the Numbers)

AT&T Boosting Its 3G Network; that’s good news for iPhone owners; even better, the telco says that it’s moving up its LTE rollout. (GigaOM)

Pure Digital Unveils Personal Channels; lets Flip videocamera users share videos on a range of media devices. (All Things D)

Entone to Make Vudu Titles Available to Telcos; would allow telcos to supplement their programming with 15,000 titles from Vudu, it’s the first time Vudu has made its catalog available to a multichannel operator. (Multichannel News)

Revision3 Launches Film Riot; new series provides tips, tricks and how-tos for creating independent film. (Revision3)

Sofia’s Diary Back for Season Three; the Bebo-based show will feature edgier story lines and a more grown up Sofia; Transport for London signs on as the sole sponsor for this season. (emailed release)

Nokia’s Ovi Store has Video Apps; among them is an app to download movies from Amazon and MinimobiTV, a subscription service to watch TV on their phones. (Video Business)