Why a Microsoft Takeover of Nokia Could Pay Off

Recent reports have Microsoft set to enter talks to acquire Nokia‚Äôs mobile business outright for a price tag that could be in the range of $30 billion. It’as a risky move, but here’s why a takeover of the world’s largest handset maker could pay off.

Nokia Rebrands Ovi Amid Rumors of Microsoft Purchase

Nokia is rebranding its Ovi services, or at least what’s left of them, starting this July. Ovi Mail went to Yahoo!, the Ovi Store will wither with Symbian and Ovi Maps will integrate into Windows Phone 7. Might Microsoft buy Nokia’s handset division at this point?

Nokia Ovi Mail Begins Yahoo Migration (But Why?)

Nokia is beginning to migrate its Ovi Mail accounts to Yahoo’s platform today. But wait: isn’t Nokia betting its mobile future on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7? This deal — nearly 11 months old — should have been shut down as soon as Nokia partnered with Microsoft in February.