Nokia Buys Mobile Analytics Startup Motally

Nokia today purchased Motally, a San-Francisco-based web and mobile software analytics firm, which is a solid step towards improving the Ovi application store. Armed with demographic, application performance and other data, third-party developers can optimize their Qt, Symbian, Meego and Java applications for Nokia devices.

Trill Brings Twitter to the Nokia Platform

Trill, a full-featured Twitter app for the Symbian platform, is now available for free in the Ovi Store. Trill is a rich app from Spice Labs for phones lacking a touch interface. It brings all of the fun of Twitter to the palm of your hand.

UPDATED: 3 Ways Nokia Could Use an Ovi Browser

There’s plenty of evidence indicating that Nokia has an Ovi-branded web browser in the works, although the company hasn’t officially confirmed the effort. What could Nokia possibly do with such an application when it already has a perfectly good WebKit browser on its phones already?

Developers Say Nokia’s Ovi Store Needs Fixing

A developer survey of Nokia’s Ovi Store highlights key areas of needed improvement, ranging from more efficient submission processes to faster Quality Assurance checks and better communications. Nearly half of those surveyed indicate that Nokia’s app store is below average when compared to rival software stores.

Yahoo-Nokia Alliance Is Too Late for Mobile Market

Yahoo and Nokia — two venerable names in the web and mobile markets — are joining forces to power mail, chat and maps services worldwide. The alliance sounds good on paper, but in the real world, it’s more of a last-ditch effort to stave off obsolescence.

Spotify Comes to Nokia’s Ovi Store

Spotify, the hot online music service that has taken Europe by storm, has been approved for launch in the Ovi store, making it a godsend for millions of Nokia users in Europe. As for Nokia, it will help the company fend off some of its rivals.