Symform gets $2M for peer-to-peer “cloud” storage

Cloud storage vendor Symform netted $2 million in venture funding from new backer Westfield Capital, which joined existing investors OVP Venture Partners and Longworth Venture Partners to bring total funding for this Series A round to $7.5 million.

TAB Welcomes: Patrick Hunt

Urban Dictionary defines “red-headed step-child” as one who, unlike a stepchild who looks like their step parent, is likely to be singled out for abuse. Which may very well define my stint here at TheAppleBlog. Will you, dear readers, treat me with the respect of someone with a true birthright, or use and abuse me for being the one of us who doesn’t look like the others? Time will tell.

I do know this: I actually have red hair, and I’m excited to join the excellent team of bloggers at TheAppleBlog. My name is Patrick Hunt, and this is my story (well, not the whole story, just enough to give you an idea of who is writing this bile!). Read More about TAB Welcomes: Patrick Hunt

Green Plastics Startup Novomer Raises $14M

I’ve never understood why biofuels get so much more attention than the sister biz of bioplastics — blending agricultural waste and other bioproducts into plastic materials is a massive, relatively untapped market. Investors in Novomer, a startup that uses recycled carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide to make polymers and plastics, clearly agree, though they seem to see pollution as a winning feedstock. The company is expected to announce on Wednesday that it’s raised a $14 million Series B round of funding from OVP Venture Partners and including Physic Venture Partners, Flagship Venture Partners and DSM Venturing.
This latest round brings the Boston-based company’s total to $21 million, and Novomer says it will be used to prepare for “broad commercialization.” The company already sells a modest amount of a product called “NB-180,” which is about half carbon dioxide. It’s what industrial manufacturers call a “sacrificial binder,” meaning the product is used to hold two pieces of metal together during the high-precision manufacturing of products like electronics, fuel cells, nanomaterials and solar panels. In the manufacturing process the binder is burned away and the carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere.
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