BitTorrent Finally Has A New CEO, CTO

[qi:032] BitTorrent, the San Francisco-based company that has long been looking for a new chief executive officer, has finally found one: Douglas Walker, former chief executive of Alias Systems. The company also added Eric Klinker, former chief technology of Internap (INAP), as its new CTO. These moves indicate that the P2P technology company is finally ready to shed its not-so-successful consumer efforts and instead focus on becoming an infrastructure-type player. It will compete with a growing number of similarly focused companies, including some still-in-stealth-mode startups

The company recently launched its BitTorrent Delivery Network Architecture (DNA) offerings. Klinker and his data center hosting credentials are a good indicator that BitTorrent is going to be beefing up its network delivery infrastructure. BitTorrent has been working with a handful of set-top box makers such as Pace Micro, and is trying to embed its technologies into other such IP set-top boxes. I think that after being a bit directionless for a while, BitTorrent is finally finding its bearings — though it is hard not to look at the competitive landscape and wonder if they can make money.