Clearleap Takes Cable TV iPad Apps Into the Cloud

Clearleap helps pay TV providers to make their traditional VOD offerings available online and on IP-connected set-top boxes. Now it’s taking IP-based delivery of cable content one step further by unveiling a new feature that will let cable operators quickly and easily deploy iPad apps.

Clearleap Takes Internet VOD to the Set-Top

By teaming up with hybrid set-top box maker Pace, Clearleap could help pay TV operators deliver over-the-top VOD offerings to subscribers, potentially increasing the amount of content available to consumers and the number of platforms and devices that those video can be served on.

PACE Problems Already Strangling Startups

The clean energy financing programs known as PACE have been falling to pieces lately, due to the decisions of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Now those moves are knee-capping innovative startups that had been looking to use PACE to boost energy infrastructure deployments.