Separating the news

Over time, news producers will become increasingly specialized, and news aggregators/publishers will become less dependent on in-house content.

Valuing readers

The focus on raw circulation numbers is a holdover from the era of print, when a reader was a reader was a reader. has indie labels eager to become subscription music services

Waves of music labels are keen to join a recently-launched new platform that promises higher returns than big-name streaming services. But can, which charges the same for just a few tracks each month that Spotify does for millions, entertain users as well as owners?

How profitable is Glenn Beck’s new web TV venture?

Is Glenn Beck ready to make $100 million with his new subscriber-only web TV venture, or is he barely breaking even? The answer depends very much on who you ask. However, Beck’s numbers don’t look all that bad when compared to some new cable TV properties.

Today in Social

Amid some confusion about what its cloud services deliver, Apple’s trying to convince people to pay for access to their own music collections. Just kidding – synchronization services are valuable, and consumers may well pay for convenience.  At least one observer thinks Steve Jobs’ great legacy is re-establishing the value of content to consumers. Paul Sweeting has a thoughtful report on how news and information organizations can create digital content revenue streams by understanding and segmenting their customers, learning lessons from games and entertainment, and building out a B2B marketplace. And here are some more lessons from newspaper paywall experiences. If content isn’t king anymore, does it have at least a hint of royal blood?