Facebook is bowing to more government censorship requests

The number of official takedown requests that Facebook has consented to in Pakistan has ballooned by 1,000 percent in the past year — and free-speech advocates say the social network is too quick to cave in to government demands for censorship

Pakistan’s YouTube ban, one year later


Pakistan started banning access to YouTube a year ago as a response to violent protests against clips of the anti-Islamic film The Innocence of Muslims, and the company has kept up the ban ever since. Now, democracy activists are arguing that the Pakistani government uses those clips as a pretext to suppress freedom of speech. The Christian Science Monitor has an interesting look at Pakistan’s YouTube ban and some of its unintended consequences.

Pakistan blocks Twitter in another web culture clash

Pakistan has blocked Twitter because the microblogging site has refused to block potentially offensive images of the Prophet Mohammed. Facebook apparently has agreed to take down the offending images while Twitter has not, according to a Packistani official quoted by the Associated Press.

Coworking Stories: Pakistan’s suite401

The bustling and vibrant city of Karachi is home to the suite401 coworking community, located in the stylish beachfront neighborhood of Clifton. With passes ranging between 750 and 7500 Pakistani Rupees ($9-90), coworking in Pakistan seems as though it’s within the reach of most professionals.