WebOS app development chief flees to Xobni

Michael Rizkalla, the former senior director of webOS application development at HP, has just started at Xobni, where he will be its senior director of mobile applications. It’s the latest exodus from the webOS team as HP contemplates what to do with the mobile operating system.

HP considering webOS fire sale

You sort of knew this was coming: Reuters reports that Hewlett-Packard is looking to unload webOS, the mobile operating system it got when it bought Palm last year, for hundreds of millions of dollars, and far below the $1.2 billion it paid just 18 months ago.

WebOS nearing the end of the road

The end is reportedly nigh for webOS. According to a report by the Guardian, HP is set to kill off its webOS mobile operating system, affecting some 500 jobs, after receiving apparently no interest in the OS it bought from Palm for $1.2 billion.

Report: Amazon eyeballs HP’s WebOS

If Amazon ends up buying the WebOS business from Hewlett-Packard, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. HP killed its TouchPad device, said it was seeking options for the operating system, and former WebOS poohbah Jon Rubinstein sits on Amazon’s board.

What you can learn from the rise and fall of WebOS

The WebOS technology is now up for sale, and its future is uncertain to say the least. But there are still a few good lessons that can be learned from WebOS’ journey, says Michael Abbott, the former Palm executive who led the development of WebOS.

Watch out tech world. This CEO knows consumers

Say what you will about Meg Whitman as the new HP CEO. She knows consumers. Now she’ll have a chance to apply her consumer touch to one of Silicon Valley’s most storied brands, which could have a chance to give Apple a run for its money.