GupShup, a Twitter-Like Service, Gets $10 Million

SMSGupShup, an SMS-based group messaging/microblogging service from Webaroo, is close to announcing that it has raised $10 million in new capital from Helion Ventures and Charles River Ventures. News of pending deal was first reported by some blogs in IndiaIn its original form, Webaroo — a startup co-founded by Rakesh Mathur, formerly of Junglee, and Beerud Sheth, formerly of eLance — was going nowhere fast, until the company launched the SMSGupShup service, which has taken on a life of its own in India. (Disclosure: Rakesh is an investor in the parent company of this blog.)

I use the SMSGupShup service to send alerts to our readers in India, and our reach has been growing like a weed — much like the service itself. Here’s a link to my GupShup channel, in case you want to sign up. SMSGupShup is, according to some estimates, about seven times the size of Twitter in terms of users and about three times as big in terms of daily SMS messages. It rarely has outages because, as its name suggests, it is almost entirely focused around SMS.

MWC: Mobile OS Scorecard

It’s not as fun as counting delegates from Super Tuesday, and figuring out which mobile operating system is pulling ahead can be complex, but we’re on it. And while we’re not tallying intangibles such as the “cool” factor of the phone, and have no idea how well each will sell, we are tracking which operating system is being used on the 28 (by our unscientific count) new handsets that have launched at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. We still have three more days, so stay tuned. Read More about MWC: Mobile OS Scorecard

No Way Are We Getting a G-Phone from Dell

The rumors of computer giant Dell teaming up with Google to produce an Android-powered mobile phone are a nice break from all the iPhone hooplah, but folks, it’s not going to happen. Thanks to its hiring of Ron Garriques, the former head of Motorola’s handset business, and its August acquisition of Zing, Dell has all the pieces in place to do something cool with consumer technology. But isn’t likely to. In fact, we’ve been here before.

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The Sound of One Palm Flopping

The good news for Palm is that it met its second-quarter numbers Tuesday afternoon. OK, it met the estimates it made only a couple of weeks ago, which were substantially lower than its earlier guidance. That revision sent Palm’s stock tumbling 19 percent in less than a day. So the good news is really just that things didn’t get worse.

Except for one thing: According to Palm, things are getting worse.

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Third party apps from TealPoint announced for Palm Foleo


Some of the first third-party applications are appearing for the Palm Foleo. The company jointly announced several upcoming Foleo titles from TealPoint including:

  • TealPaint for Foleo: Paint, sketch, or draw with TealPaint, the all-in-one mobile graphics paint program.
  • TealSafe for Foleo: Store your passwords, credit cards, PIN numbers, and bank accounts inthe TealSafe encrypted data wallet. Maximum security and encryption.
  • TealDiet for Foleo: Shape up your life with TealDiet, the diet, exercise, and personal tracking application for mobile devices.
  • SudokuAddict for Foleo: Sudoku (aka Su Doku) is the addictive number puzzle craze sweeping Great Britain and Japan.
  • ShortCircuit for Foleo: Connect falling conduit game pieces into explosive loops in this frantic race against the clock.

In a separate but related Palm press release, SixApart announced full Palm Foleo support for their various blogging tools such as Vox, TypePad and Moveable Type. Since all of those are browser-based, I’m not sure I see the signficance of that particular announcement, but to be fair: it’s good to see some positive news around the Foleo. In fact, the SixApart news causes me to think that the Foleo would be a nice mobile blogging platform….