FCC’s Wheeler tells towns to fight for faster internet

Should city governments play a bigger role in getting faster internet for their citizens? The FCC’s chairman shared some thoughts at a time when the city of Palo Alto and others are doing the same in a public proceeding.

Palo Alto: The city as open digital platform

Palo Alto unveiled a new tool that gives citizens unprecedented views of how the city spends and collects their money. It’s the latest example of how towns can draw on their rich troves of data to redefine relationships between people and government.

Bay Area cities using coworking to cut carbon, boost growth

A newly announced partnership between mobile working app LiquidSpace and three Bay Area cities is another example of local communities leveraging the idea of coworking to keep commuters closer to home, boosting economic development in the area and cutting carbon emissions.

The next big thing for data centers: DC power

Although we live in an AC-dominated world, DC seems poised for a comeback, particularly in data centers. Facebook adopted a DC architecture in its Prineville, Ore., data center. SAP spent $128,000 retrofitting a datacenter at its offices in Palo Alto, Calif., to rely on DC power.

Piazza gets $6M Series A to help with college homework

Piazza, the social network that lets college students and instructors discuss material online, has closed on $6 million in a new Series A funding round. Piazza’s service is meant to counteract study group snobbery and eliminate students’ fear of asking “dumb” questions.