Battery university to open its doors this summer

A battery accelerator program and San Jose State University will start offering classes on battery technology and business starting this Summer. California has emerged as a leader in battery innovation.

How battery startups are trying to survive in tough times

The demand for lithium-ion batteries hasn’t grown as quickly as many battery developers have anticipated, and that leaves a rather bleak near-term outlook for startups who had counted on the rise of electric car, grid storage and even laptops as lucrative markets.

From an Israeli startup: double-sided solar cells

The vast majority of solar cells today generate electricity by facing the sun, but what if you could engineer their backside to make use of reflected light as well? That’s the idea underlying the technology of bSolar, an Israeli startup who recently launched the so-called bifacial solar cells.

Phone! SMS! No, I want WiFi on all my flights

Last week, Virgin Atlantic said that you could use your phone to make calls and get/send text messages if you fly using its Upper Class service between New York and London. What I really want is the ability to connect to the Internet.

Time Warner Cable building an app for Panasonic TVs

Time Warner Cable is developing an app for Panasonic’s Viera Cast Smart TV platform to access its on demand video library. This makes the company the first cable operator to develop an app for Panasonic’s platform. The app is supposed to launch some time this year.

SyncTV: building TV apps for almost every device

There are a ton of development frameworks for creating apps on various connected TVs, Blu-ray players, game consoles, set-top boxes, tablets, smartphones and the like, which is more than most publishers can reasonably be expected to develop for. Enter SyncTV, which hopes to solve that issue.

PlayJam raises $5M to bring casual games to your TV

TV gaming startup PlayJam has raised a $5 million Series A funding round from GameStop Digital Ventures, Adobe Ventures, Endeavour Ventures, London Venture Partners and others. The financing comes as PlayJam sees a massive opportunity to bring new games to connected TV platforms.