HTC Hero In Da House

At Mobile Tech Manor gadgets even show up on Sunday, and today it’s the cool, new HTC Hero from Sprint (s s). The Hero is the phone based on Android (s goog) that has the HTC Sense user interface. The Hero only landed 30 minutes ago so I haven’t spent much time with it. I have to admit the interface is very sweet.

How did the Hero arrive on a Sunday, you ask? I received an email this morning from the person who bought my home over a year and a half ago. The email stated a box had arrived for me a few days ago and they were holding it for me should I wish to pick it up. I promptly ran over and grabbed it, only to find the HTC Hero inside.

Dear HTC folks — I love it when you send me gadgets to evaluate but it’s a good idea to let me know before you do so. That way I can make sure you have my current address, and not one going on two years old. Thanks.

Cisco to Buy Tidal as Part of Its Data Center Rush

Cisco (s CSCO) this morning said it plans to acquire Tidal Software for $105 million in cash as part of its expansion into the data center. Tidal, which raised venture money from investors including Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Panorama Capital, and VantagePoint Venture Partners, makes software that schedules jobs and tracks the performance of applications across a network. Cisco can use such software to help IT departments track performance over highly virtualized environments, from the data center to the desktop.
As Cisco pushes its vision of a Unified Computing System out to corporate clients, IT departments will need tools to help manage the beast that is the new Cisco server. With Tidal, Cisco will have job scheduler software in its portfolio that can handle the thousands of virtual machine images on those servers. The software also measures performance across an entire IT network, from the servers to the desktops. That would give Cisco clients an eye on desktop performance, while ensuring that Cisco gets to control access from end to end. Plus, as desktop virtualization is becoming more interesting to corporations, Tidal could be an important part of Cisco’s offering that would help IT track performance issues on those virtual desktops.