Pivotal vet to head up marketing for Pantheon

Matt Stodolnic, a marketing veteran with years of experience at Pivotal, VMware, and Salesforce.com has moved onto Pantheon, the company that’s built its business on Drupal-based content management systems (CMS).

San Francisco-based [company]Pantheon[/company] sees a big opportunity moving companies off of custom-built CMS systems to a SaaS model where it manages and updates the code for customers which include The Boston Herald, Digiday, NBC Universal, the Economist etc.

In past lives, Stodolnic oversaw teams of web designers and engineers who set up and manage the databases, CDN, caching, patches and security of those systems. It was a lot of heavy lifting, and to him it seemed a sort of Groundhog Day of designers reinventing the same CMSes over and over again.

Pantheon takes that that heavy lifting off a company’s plate for a monthly subscription fee. Competitors include [company]Acquia[/company], [company]HP[/company] Interwoven and Adobe Systems CQ.

pantheon screen

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