Forget the airline movie, get mobile tech instead

American_airlines_archosGood news for American Airlines travelers; the company has a four-month trial to provide mobile tech comforts on the flight. Transcontinental first- and business-class flyers get a a nice loaner set of gear: Archos 704 media players with hours of pre-loaded content, plus the glitzy Bose QuietComfort ‘phones. Domestic first-class MD80 flights between L.A. and Chicago get downsized a little: you get the Archos 605 which also includes Cartoon Network content for the kids….or for you when the kids aren’t looking. 😉

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Xslimmer at MacAppADay

If you’ve been following MacAppADay as I have, you’ve already seen that today’s freebie is Xslimmer. I had no idea this app existed previous to this (MAAD seems to be doing it’s job in that respect) or even what it did. Maybe I’m behind the times.

For those in the same boat as myself, it’ll only do you any good if you’re running an Intel-powered Mac. See what it does, is remove the none-Intel code from Universal applications, slimming them down and saving you space. Interesting idea.

My feelings on this are:

  1. How strapped for hard drive space must you be to feel the need to remove a couple megs of bloat from an applications?
  2. Should I fully trust this thing from not hosing one of my programs? (granted, it’s simple enough to re-download/install, but still)

I don’t know. I’ve got a couple trial apps on my system right now that I’ll probably try it on, and see how it goes. At the end of the day however, maybe I’ve freed-up 100 megabytes of space (and I think I’m being pretty liberal with that number) on my hard disk. Is that worth the $6.95 introductory offer they’re asking ($9.95 regularly)? While the price tag is low and reasonable, for me, I don’t think the utility I’d get out of it would be worth it.

If you’ve got experience with Xslimmer, I’d love to hear them. Do you think it’s worth $7 or $10? Do you see real merit in its slimming capabilities?

Google Factory Tour -Great UnMet Expectations

If you are looking for technical observations, look elsewhere. If you want to hear a pod cast about the day, check out The Gillmor Daily. This one has just my pure, unscientific observations; think of them as musings of an over caffeinated mind…. Om
googlefactorytourThe Google Factory Tour 2005 had the makings of a great noir classic. A secret invite, hush-hush directions, suspense and perhaps the pulse racing anticipation! Sitting amidst the glistening green undulating California hills, against a back drop of low gray clouds, with slight drizzle hanging in the air, GooglePlex had a post modern Transylvania feel to it. Such delightful setting for a day of suspense, high drama, and perhaps some wonderful acting on stage.
It was a Hitchcockian moment in the brief history of Google. But there was nothing like the tour, or the factory, instead it was a ne0-modern amphitheater lit in primary colors, and a stage. Instead of a day of anticipation, the script played out like the sequel of The Whole Nine Yards.
Eric “The CEO” Schmidt did his thing, only to vanish. Sergey Brin popped in for a special appearance, almost like Brad PittA crew of new artists came on, talked about 500 pounds of pasta, 2000 pounds of chicken and 8 billion pages indexed. The roasted Venetian coffee, kept us all falling into a slumber befitting a member of the US Senate.
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In case you were wondering….

why the number of posts has dropped drastically over past few days, I have one word to say: deadlines. A whole slew of deadlines descended on me like a ton of bricks and have been swamped trying to appease the all mighty editors. I hope that the crush would end soon and I will be back to my entertaining self. Meanwhile, please bear with me.