Should Facebook allow access by young children?

Facebook is said to be working on new features that would allow children under 13 to access the network. Is this a way of helping parents encourage their children to develop better online skills, or does it open kids up to privacy problems and other issues?

Telecommuting makes life worse for some working parents, study says

For stressed-out working parents, telecommuting seems like an intuitive solution to improving the juggle and reducing their time squeeze. But according to surprising research published in the Journal of Business and Psychology, telecommuting may actually make matters worse for some busy parents.

Why Both Kids & Parents Love The iPhone

iphones1 If you’re a parent with an iPhone or iPod (s aapl) touch, chances are your kids are dying to play with it. And a majority of parents who own such devices let their kids do just that, at least once a week, a study conducted by MTV’s Nickelodeon has found. The motivation for parents? They see it as a source of entertainment, education — and plain ole distraction. Read More about Why Both Kids & Parents Love The iPhone